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5 reasons to switch to linen for your child's bed

1. Linen is... incredibly beautiful!

In the words of Julie Andrews "Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start."

Linen just looks so good. It looks inviting and natural and makes you just want to snuggle up in it. No other fibre is as texturally beautiful as pure stonewashed European linen. We think this is probably the only reason you need to choose linen, but if you need more reasons read on...

2. Linen is... unbelievably soft.

It is remarkable that some of the strongest fibres are also amongst the softest. Linen is up to 5 x stronger than cotton, but is so soft and just gets softer and softer each time you wash it. Children's bedding works hard and gets washed often -  Imagine what it will feel like after all that washing. The answer is even softer than it is on the day you buy it. 


3. Linen is... Good for the environment.

In so many ways pure linen is known to be a great choice for a natural home. Linen is grown predominantly in areas of Europe where there is high rain fall. It requires less water to grow than the cotton crops grown in hot countries which often need additional water sources to help them flourish. 

The transformation from flax to linen is a labour intensive process which goes a long way to explaining the higher value of linen. Although machinery is used in the production of linen, much of the process is still done by hand to ensure the best results.

Add to all of this the fact that linen is better not ironed, thus reducing the energy needed in it's upkeep compared to cotton.

Best of all is that linen is so hard wearing that you will be passing it down to your grandchildren. You won't need to be replacing it like you would with cheaper bedding alternatives. Buying less means less ends up in landfill and more money stays in your purse (until you spend it on that handbag you've had your eye on. Did somebody say Mulberry?)

4. Linen is... perfect for the Australian climate

Is there no end to the sheer awesomeness of linen?

Linen's natural fibres are hollow meaning that they work as the perfect insulator. They allow the skin to breathe on hot Summer nights and trap the warm air from our bodies to keep us warm on the cooler nights. 

Synthetic bedding doesn't allow your child's skin to breathe in this way; Sweat remains next to their body making for an uncomfortable night's sleep on those hot, sticky nights.

5. Linen is... hypoallergenic

Linen is naturally hypoallergenic meaning that if your child is prone to allergies then linen bedding is a great choice as it has been shown to be unlikely to exacerbate allergies. Less allergies means a better quality of sleep for the whole family. 


So, there we have it. Five reasons why pure linen really is worth the investment for your children...


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  • Yes, all thes reasons and more. Linen is simply beautiful.


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